Photo courtesy of A Good Deed Entertainment Film.

Friday, November 15, 7:00–9:00 pm | New York Open Center

The Art of Dying Institute, in collaboration with The Art of Dying Threshold Circle, is excited to present a film series of specially selected movies beginning in the Fall of 2019, designed to share real and fictionalized stories on the vast topics associated with end of life and death. Our debut film for this series is TO DUST starring Matthew Broderick and Géza Röhrig.

The event is FREE for NY Open Center members and as an extra bonus, Shawn Snyder (writer/director) and Jason Begue (writer) will be joining us for a Q&A panel after the screening.

Grieving the recent death of his wife, Shmuel (Géza Rohrïg), decides that, in order to move on, he must understand the science behind the decomposition process of his wife’s body—despite the blasphemy inherent in any scientific inquiry. To assist his sinful pursuit, he seeks out Albert (Matthew Broderick), a community-college biology professor who Shmuel enlists to teach informal science lessons. These soon grow to include homemade experiments and a road trip to a body farm, and, as their macabre misadventures and unlikely friendship grow ever more peculiar, the odd couple prove they will stop at nothing to satiate their curiosity and, ultimately find Shmuel the peace he seeks.

Photo courtesy of A Good Deed Entertainment Film.

What the Critics Are Saying:

“Shmuel and Albert may be the funniest odd couple since Broderick and Nathan Lane’s Leo Bloom and Max Bialystock.” – NY Post

“A masterpiece of tone, balancing comedy with depth and emotional measure”

Writers: Jason Begue, Shawn Snyder
Director: Shawn Snyder
Cast: Matthew Broderick, Géza Röhrig
Producers: Emily Mortimer, Alessandro Nivola, Ron Perlman, Josh Crook, Scott Lochmus

Rated R for language and some disturbing images.